Just be on the water!

Our Center

We guarantee best service and an amazing holiday atmosphere!

The Fun2Fun Center offers you next to top windsurf equipment of Tabou and Gaastra also kitesurfing, cat sailing and SUP. For weekly rentals of windsurf- or kitesurf-equipemtn the SUP boards are included. Of course you and your family can relax on the sunbeds in our chillout area.


The starting zone for windsurfing and the launching zone for kitesurfing are clearly seperated to secure safety and space for all riders!


The windsurf spot is located directly in front of the center thus you only need to carry your material some meters towards the water. 

A 50-60 meter long sandbank with shallow water and slighlty onshore wind in the morning make the spot perfect for beginners. 

In the afternoon the wind normally picks up due to a thermical wind from west (sideshore). At that point our center is the best in Marmari either to freestyle with a big board and small sail or for planning with bigger sails. 

Depending on the season there are more or less strong wind days. The side-onshore north wind comes in with around 28 knots and higher waives - perfect for experienced riders. 

Of course we cant guarantee strong wind. In such cases we offer free "lightwind-freestyle" lessons to teach you some tips and tricks which are useful for stronger wind. 


The seperate kitespot  is located appr. 150 m westward from the center. There is a huge area to build up, launch and land the kites. There is a long sandbank with shallow water approximatley 30 m in the water away from the beach which gives us the possibility to teach our students in a safe distance from the beach. 

Either with stronger north wind or moderate west wind the spot offers enough space for beginners and experienced riders. 


Dominique Wermuth

Nadine Wermuth